Create Password Protected Partition On USB Drive

Do you carry sensitive and confidential information on your USB drive? If yes, then you need Rohos mini drive a freeware windows software that can password protect any USB drive with ease. It can be used in any computer right away, without needing any software to be installed.password-protected-partition-usb-drive-2

Rohos Mini Drive creates a virual partition that is both password protected and invisible. There is an unprotected partition also, which can be used to store non-confidential data. When you insert your USB drive into USB port only one drive letter (the unprotected partition) will appear in Windows. Second Partition (protected) will only appear when you enter a password.

You can access protected partition on any computer, even if Rohos Mini is not installed on the computer. There is a file “Rohos Mini.exe” on the unprotected partition. When executed, it will ask for the password and will then let you access the protected partition.You can use the virtual keyboard by clicking the “Aa” button to protect your encrypted disk password from a key logger.password-protected-partition-usb-drive-5

Download: Rohos Mini Drive


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